Timely Dragon

YES! It is FINALLY DONE! I know the lineart has been up for just short of forever, but I have finally finished my lovely dreamscape-dragon image. Only took me a year of procrastinating to do. HA! Scary part, total time worked out probably accumulated to about 3 days (three long days). In anycase I am in love with this piece. At least for tonight while I cannot see the flaws in it yet.Part of the reason it has actually gotten done rather than thrown into my "in progress" pile (which has grown to a damn frightening height). In short this is a fantasy poece also base upon a dreamscape. Originally I wanted the piece to be very cloudy... BUT I suck at clouds right now. I'll work on them eventually and get better then all you will be seeing is cloud pieces... however, until then I'll stick with fuzzyish backgrounds or none at all. HA! Hope you love it a fraction of how much I do!

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Anonymous Guest

Dennis Malcolm 01 Sep 2007

beautiful work Ms. Malcolm! LoL

Artist Reply: lol thank you very much Mr. Malcolm. I was also very much impressed by your own. Much of it is quite stunning.

Laura Baker 26 Aug 2007

Very cool work...excellent detail - nice portfolio :)

Kassandra 15 Apr 2007

it looks great! I love it! good job kate!

Leo Da 25 Jul 2006

good work.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 May 2006

Hey Kate! It's Rachel! This is absolutely fantabulous! I love it! I'm more and more impressed everytime I see a new work from you! Keep it up! I'm looking forward to seeing more!