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Melvin's Sugar House

Well this tiny painting is my first foray into the plein air painting world .... It's rather simplistic, but being only 7"(17.5cm) x 5"(12.5cm) I wasn't trying to do anything too detailed. I have another small canvas of the same size that I'll be doing another plein air experiment with, and a few 8x10s that may get drafted for that pupose as well. This one's going to be a Birthday present for my Mother's boyfriend. It's the Sugar House on his property that they used to make maple syrup in. It's still in good shape but they haven't used it for sugaring in quite a few years. Using my artistic licence ( got it in a crackerjack box ) I painted in my favorite ski hill in the background. The Mountain's there in reality, but at the angle I painted the Sugar House it couldn't be seen since the trees were a a bit too high. If I walked back up the hill a little it was in plain sight. So I trimmed the trees and showed it in the painting. I'll be painting more of Melvin's farm this summer. I hope you don't get sick of it.


Anonymous Guest

Renata Cavanaugh 25 Apr 2006

Beautiful painting!

stephanie atlee 25 Apr 2006

Very pretty the autumn colors

Jeep Hensley 24 Apr 2006

Nice work and you got in all of the house now that is what I call an artistic view :):) wish I could get up there the country looks beautiful Jeep

Chris Williams 24 Apr 2006


Analua 24 Apr 2006

Marvelous beauty!!!