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Two Mansions On Meadow Lane

(c)2006 Here two old mansions sit close together on a lane which has lost it's namesake,'s meadow. When I was very young, near our cities only high school and my grade school, there was a large meadow of grass and trees. My friends and I played there often. On the lane where the meadow was, at one corner of that block, sat two large mansions. But on that same very large block was a Safeway grocery store and a small delicatescant. I remembered these mansions very well as they sat right where my crosswalk to my grade school was. But as time goes by comes change. Development goes on, so called progress. And before I'd left my grade school for junior high, plans were underway to tear down the old Safeway,...pick up and move the mansions,...and bulldoze down the meadow to build a new Super Safeway with a huge parking lot in front. Only the delicatescent survived the changes intact. It was so sad to see the old mansions go, and a manicured parking lot take there place. But because of preservationist citizens ,living at that time, at least the mansions survived somewhere else. Historical preservation is a must for the generations here and those to come to see,...not all of the past,...just a few pieces. :O)

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Terry Harris 24 Apr 2006

Nice work!

Jay Amatangelo 24 Apr 2006

Very cool. I like the story also. Great work as always!!

Tabitha Borges 24 Apr 2006

Yes I agree it sad when people get rid of history for what the say is better becuase it new. Love the details in the house and the story once agian..

bianca thomas 23 Apr 2006

awsome description and well as work:)

PMyers 23 Apr 2006

Where do you find the patience for this fantastic art? You are one talented fella.