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John Cappello 01 Nov 2015

So Breathtaking, what a lovely Fascinating Garden.Amazing works of art. YOU are so very talented

Christine brand 07 May 2006

I have looked at these flowers for a long time now...What amazing beautys...I have not yet seen these...What are they? they appear to have spoons all arounf the edges...the colors of the centers so uingue...a great phto and perfect shot!!! Reallly delightful to see and full of conceptions of fantasy. Sooo much Love to YOU Miracle Mermaid!!!

Artist Reply: Hi there Christine and THANKS SO MUCH,For your comments.You are right...all around the edges there are like little spoons...and,it's not so common flower here...not sure about the name...but perhaps it even has the spoon inside of it ;-)...i can check it though...I'm truly glad you enjoy these.Best of the BEST,for you,with LOVE,nira

Paul Pannell 23 Apr 2006

looks like a fractle design ,it is very pretty

Charlotte Ottilo 20 Apr 2006

Wow..awesome flowers!!! Well done Nira

Brigitte Hintner 20 Apr 2006

Hi Nira , I love it in every way , the colours , the composition and form of flowers are so amazing and beautiful ! Great work !

Rebecca Mullan 20 Apr 2006

WOW what a great photo !!! I love it's alive !!

Anne Vis 20 Apr 2006

Amazing flowers, Nira, beautiful!

Deborah Martin 20 Apr 2006

Wow!! This is really stunning Nira!!!!!So beautifully done indeed!!!!!

Les Jobes 19 Apr 2006

Lovely hues of purple and those gorgeous shapes!! WOW!! Wonderful flowers!! I have never seen flowers like these before... they are amazing! Beautiful, Great photo Nira:o)

Analua 19 Apr 2006

Superb beauty!!!!!!!!! Simply fascinating and marvelous flowers Nira!!!!

Joke Schotting 19 Apr 2006

Very beautiful flowers my dear friend,Nira!!!

Loredana 19 Apr 2006

Glorious Nira :)

Peter Rivron 19 Apr 2006

Awesome work, very beautiful and creative, love the colours.

stephanie atlee 19 Apr 2006

This is so pretty...great job on this

C DeMaio 19 Apr 2006

Wow I love how you did this Nira!

José Fortunato 19 Apr 2006

Very beautiful !

Reba McDonald 19 Apr 2006

Very lovely Nira.

bianca thomas 19 Apr 2006

Nira very beautiful:)

Dawn Bigford 19 Apr 2006

I really love this... those flowers are amazing

sylvia wadman 19 Apr 2006

Beautifull flowers and wonderfull photograph Nira. I to have never seen flowers like these before. I love them

Pat Abbott 19 Apr 2006

Love those colors, this is so pretty, Nira.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 19 Apr 2006


Michael Forbus 19 Apr 2006

Nira, you have taken the worry from my heart with this image. So joymaking and unusual. It is a perfect image and done so pleasingly. Congratulations to your friend and to you for the gift you gave. miguel

Artist Reply: INDEED A GIFT ,In the full meaning :-)...and thank you so very much,dear MIGUEL...Your comments are a Present/gift to me...and SO INSIGHTFUL also.

geoff cooper 19 Apr 2006

lovely picture, nice work..

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 19 Apr 2006

Lovely design Nira!

Tabitha Borges 19 Apr 2006

yes they are so ineresting...

Emily Reed 19 Apr 2006

What awesome unusual flowers!!! Gorgeous!

thea walstra 19 Apr 2006

Gorgeous work Nira

John Segon-Fisher 19 Apr 2006

Beautifully done Nira!!!

joan warburton 19 Apr 2006

Beautiful image Nira. Wonderful colors and design.

Jimmie Mathews 19 Apr 2006

very pretty. interestng flowers. what are they?

Artist Reply: I'll ask my brother,for the English name of these flowers..and tell you...thanks,Jimmie...enjoy your day!

Linda Bertiaux 19 Apr 2006

This is jus awesome. I love what you did with the composition.