Four Leaf Clover

Gothic Faerie with four leaf clover


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kristie taylor 01 Aug 2007

We do think alike, I just did a wish fairy that grants wishes and am working on a good luck fairy who brings goodluck (4-leaf clovers included) It's cool to find someone who thinks like me ((hehe)) I absolutly love your work!!! ;)

Artist Reply: Oops, I've just seen this, thank you. I can't wait to check your stuff out.

annette steens 29 May 2007

Love this one!

Artist Reply: Thank you!! =)

Maddison Jamison 19 Apr 2006

You do very nice illustration Bailey. I like the softer, watercolor tones you use. It's very well-controlled for acrylics.

Artist Reply: Thank you Maddison, I love your frogs!