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Madonna's Demon 8 - The Demon's Kiss

This vision has obsessed me for some time now and I feel the urge to express it through painting. You may see it here in different forms. This piece reflects the reality of finding and addressing the demons in our lives. The Madonna is an icon that represents the feminine in it's purest form. No matter how "clean" one's life appears to the outside world - people struggle with their own problems and "demons". Though we emanate goodness and kindness and try to positively affect those around us, we harbor troubles of our own. In this piece the Demon kisses the Madonna. She gazes ahead paying no heed. Perhaps she is becoming bored with this particular demon and he has no hold on her. The flames surrounding them express their fierce influence on the world.


Anonymous Guest

Gerrie Olly 20 Oct 2007

I understand the struggle, yes we certainly get bored with those demons who constant presence gets annoying, she should smack that demon, crush his head with her foot, instead of holding it to her heart. Huggs

Analua 25 Mar 2006

Awsome gorgeous work!!!!!!

andi luzi 25 Mar 2006

I like it a lot! great work!

Emily Reed 25 Mar 2006


thea walstra 24 Mar 2006

Creative and excellent work