father and son

this picture was taken by my wife a few months ago.i thought it showed the relationship between father and son and how important it is.


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Lalister Faircloth 07 Apr 2008

I love this one! It is very important that a father & son have a close relationship and I know you guys do and it shows!!

Dar Cragg 27 Jan 2007

GREAT CAPTURE!!!!! Now this is art.

Christine brand 27 Jan 2007

What an awesome shot, I love the way they are looking up at the sky in a close embrace. This would make a wonderful card or painting. I did not have a kind father so to see this is a great treasure. God bless you and your lovely family always and keep you safe in his care. Sinseerly CB

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Oct 2006

This is the sweetest thing I have ever saw.