Mother Tree

I saw these two trees in a dream, one towering over the other, as a mother would protecting her child.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 08 Aug 2010

my sissy, i love and miss you more every day,especially when i see our baby angel and her babies, forever rest in heaven

SAL CARUSO 22 Feb 2009

HEY! This is excellent work - very dreamy !! Great use of browns/grey ...... GOOD CONCEPT !!!!!!!

Anonymous Guest 16 Aug 2008

Lovely soft edges and use of color as if IN a dream. I absolutely love it! zuzu

annette steens 21 Nov 2007

beautiful painting with fine symbolisme.

William Boyer 23 Apr 2006

nice dream. keep up the good work.

Joseph Moran 19 Apr 2006

very symbolic - I love the metaphor. Very beautiful acrylic. the colors you used do actually give this a dream like quality.

Christina Langman 11 Mar 2006

So pretty - interesting soft style too, it's very warm and inviting.

Linda Bertiaux 10 Mar 2006

excellent job!!!

Anonymous Guest 09 Mar 2006

fine painting

Terry Bullard 09 Mar 2006

nice work

Elton Houck 08 Mar 2006

Susan, you have a wonderful talent and this is stunning...the dark cast to the trees and grass opens up so mnay vistas,,, so many trails to explore--live/death...heaven.hell...disillusion.renewal...This makes me think of Rod Stewart..and an old album of his "EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY." As far as ex ploring different mediums--GO FOR IT!!!