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The salesman

I was working on a series of abstract trying to describe the internet as a whole wih all its circuits, domains, and pages. Most of the simply looked like polar coversions, but I thought the 4th was interesting. The little R2 was drawn in autocad.

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Anonymous Guest

William Boyer 01 Jan 2007


Ruud Janssen 13 Jul 2006

love the composition!

Anonymous Guest 14 Mar 2006

Wow , I bet star wars "Steven Speilberg" Might want a look at this one ? I don't think that the internet would be based on R2D2 ? Well maybe in the left hemisphere of your brain? Wow something to think about!!!

Nancy Painter 09 Mar 2006

Interesting to the eye!

hendrik arie baartman 08 Mar 2006

W.D greetings Hendrik