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Member Challenge 'Human Study': Bathing Angel

An Angel bathing.


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Angel Estevez 07 Jan 2015

A adorable painting! This scene because a beautiful visual impact. Great talent Anneke! Congratulations. Hugs my friend.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for the lovely comment, my friend!

yves colas 11 Aug 2014

terriffic artwork,superbly done,bravo...

Artist Reply: Dear Yves, thank you so much for the wonderful comment!

Pamela Rivera 30 Jun 2014

Wow! What a captivating work of art!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Pamela!

Anne Whiteway 18 Jun 2014

Lovely, oh, so lovely. This has mystery and inspirational aspects that are difficult for me to describe. I simply know this is gorgeous.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, Anne!

Vernonette Gaddy 13 Feb 2014

Very spiritually captivating art!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Vernonette!

Marja-Leena Landry 19 Feb 2013

very unique!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Marja-Leena!

John Cappello 23 Feb 2012

Wonderful work. One Rare Pleasure

Artist Reply: Thank you for the comment on my angel, John!

Aqua1955 28 Aug 2011


Artist Reply: Many thanks for viewing my pictures and leaving your wonderful comments!

Norma Cagle 19 Jun 2011

All your paintings are interesting .But this one is 'Great'

Artist Reply: Hi Norma, thank you for the beautiful comment.

Ginger Lovellette 24 Jan 2011

Lovely angel!

Artist Reply: Thank you for visiting my angel and leaving your kind comment, Ginger.

Claire Wilson 31 Aug 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Claire!

Anonymous Guest 04 Sep 2009

Thank you my friend Anneke. Belle Angel.Great composition very creative. Good color and drawing. For always. José

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the beautiful comment, José!

alessandro alex 15 Jun 2009

beautiful artwork, I like it! Bravissima!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment, Alex!


WOW... Wonderful work ! She is beautiful!

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it. Your opinion is very much appreciated!

Christine Von Lossberg 01 Feb 2009

Oh my goodness..I love your art too! You are so talented!!

Artist Reply: Not half as talented as you, Christine! Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments, they are really inspiring!

TERRY FRASER 15 Jan 2009

I don't know what to say except "WOW!"

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your enthusiastic comment Terry!

Nira Dabush 05 Jan 2009

Hello Anneke... This is WONDERFUL... Totally unique.. bravo my friend.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, my dear friend!

esther baltisberger 04 Nov 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you, Esther! :D

Hedda Koenig 19 Oct 2008

its beautifull !!!!!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Hedda! :)

Marika Antal 11 May 2008


Artist Reply: I'm glad you do, thank you, Marika!!

Anonymous Guest 12 Apr 2008

Hier wil ik wel een kaart van .Graag uitleg,Irene

Artist Reply: Dat komt wel goed! :))))

Anonymous Guest 08 Mar 2008

such a shame you can paint so well. why the porn

Artist Reply: Dear Mr./Mrs. Anonymous, I have answered you under my "Water" painting. Any further comments of you on this painting will be deleted.

kate maher 08 Jan 2008

oo very beautiful!:)

Artist Reply: I'm happy you like it, Kate. Thanks!!

Joanna Jungjohann 07 Dec 2007

this is really beautiful, Anneke wow, gorgeous work.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Joanna!

Karie Goffic 18 Nov 2007

fabulos work!

Artist Reply: Karie, I thank you so much for all your lovely comments!

Margaret Platt 30 Sep 2007

She's gorgeous!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Margaret!

annette steens 25 Aug 2007

dit vind ik prachtig gedaan Anneke. Beaufiful!!

Elf Evans 18 Aug 2007

Nothing too skimpy about this Angel...keep 'em commin;-)

Mark Saxton 23 Jul 2007

great work.

Tahnja Wolter 08 Jul 2007

this has a wonderful vibrant feeling to it. Lovely indeed

Valarie Connell 08 Jul 2007

Beautifully done! I love the colors and composition of this piece. You did a wonderfuljob with the fabric appearing wet! Awesome job!

Vladislav Runov 21 May 2007

It is very beatiful.The spirit sea and human are merge together.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your kind words, Vladislav.

Sally Pulford 30 Apr 2007

The flow of this beautiful acrylic takes me to the ocean. I want to be with her and marvel in her beauty and the sea.

Anonymous Guest 15 Apr 2007

wow , it almost looks like this angel has just been born in this ocean ,. bringing the water to live by arising , saying to herself . what a wonderful day. love s.

Loren Carson 09 Apr 2007

You have a way with the lady in the lake. Well done.

Rob Keller 08 Feb 2007

What a great painting and I love Angels, Rob

eileen martin 08 Jan 2007

beautiful painting:)

Steve Farr 25 Jun 2006

Excellent style and technique!!

José Fortunato 22 Jun 2006

It is Devine ! A Bathing Angel is a very beautiful acrylic. Bravo,

Matthew Steffen 16 Jun 2006

Beautful work Anneke

Deborah Martin 10 Jun 2006

So wonderfully done!!!!

James McPartlin 27 Apr 2006

Stunning work, Anneka, I love your colour choice here, the water effects are outstanding, lovely Angel and wonderful composition!

Loredana 25 Apr 2006

Outstanding beauty I love this work :)

george martinez 22 Mar 2006

very powerful image, nice colors, excelletn splash.....!

John Graham Inkson 13 Mar 2006

Never though an Angel would need a bath, or is this an Angel Mermaid? Good composition.

Terry Harris 01 Mar 2006

Very creative and nicely done!

Renata Cavanaugh 01 Mar 2006


Cristina Marsi 01 Mar 2006

So beautiful :) I especially like how the transparent cloak exaltes the forms :)

Analua 28 Feb 2006

Marvelous work Anneke!!!

Reba McDonald 28 Feb 2006

Excellent work Anneke.

Bev Chudey 28 Feb 2006

Gorgeous Anneke!!!!

Michele Collins 28 Feb 2006

Sensual and gorgeous!

Emily Reed 28 Feb 2006

Exquisite work!

Linda Bertiaux 28 Feb 2006

excellent work

Kathi Perry 28 Feb 2006

Gorgeous Anneke. Wonderfully creative. :)

Alicja Kocaj 28 Feb 2006

Its beautiful!!!