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A Message from Francis Kwok

Copyrights (c)Ramtex,Israel.Textile design i made years ago for Woven fabrics.888888888888888888888I was asked by Francis to informed you that ...Francis : "Dear Nira, I'm very busy at the moment with my school projects at the start of this year, please inform the rest of the AW friends otherwise I will be lost forever...I hardly have time to view their work and put my work as well....please tell them I'm still around.Cheers Francis. " So...Now you ALL know...and i'm sure none of us forgot you , don't your work,and when you come'll find your All friends waiting for you and you AMAZING ART.Only the BEST to all of us :-)...From me...

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Anonymous Guest

Lynn De Serres 17 Mar 2006

Magnificant artwork in a wonderful portfolio. Congratulations on your very fine creative talent.

Elizabeth Teed 09 Mar 2006


Greg Vilton 06 Mar 2006

Very beautiful intricate design, Nira! The colours blend in really very well.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 05 Mar 2006

Beautiful design and tribute to Francis.Beautiful artwork,Nira!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of his beautiful amazing paintings when he returns too!!!

Emily Reed 02 Mar 2006

SUPER TEXTURES AND DESIGN! Thanks for the update on Francis. Miss him.