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The actual size of this is a little more than 2 feet long and about a foot or more high. It's a full body picture of Show in a kinda laying down kinda pose. This is all I could fit into the scanner. [my scanner is kinda big] I actually cut this out and put it on a big piece of black mat board. And I'm in the process of drawing the background on it now. Due to it's large size, I'm not going to be able to scan the final product, but at least you folks get to see this much of it! The outfit that she is wearing is now her official outfit that she is going to wear basically all the time. [along with a few others that I made up for her] And that is going to be the way the she is going to have her hair up all the time now[unless I feel like drawing her hair down]. But, basically, you get the drift. lol. Drawn with .5 mm lead, outlined with Micron pens, and colored with Prisma Color colored penciles. Comments and thoughts always welcome!

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Peter Leahy 24 Oct 2004

well done