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Floral Collection - Ceramics

Design for Ceramics.Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Apr 2012

Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff olnnie.


Sooooooo GORGEOUS!!!Magnificent colors and design work,Nira!!!Wow,this would make a Grand collection of Pottery,Vases,dishes,cups,bowls....!!!SUPERB!!!Sorry I have missed so much of your Great work!!!((((Hugs)))),Dee :)

Fiona Robinson 04 Jun 2008

beautiful work you are such a talented artist in many medias

Gregory Edwards 28 Mar 2006

Only from a beautiful mind!!! I love now!!!

Tabitha Borges 15 Feb 2006

like the purple and the way it tie thing together..very nice....

Dawn Bigford 23 Jan 2006

I love this as well.. but then I love all your designs

Artist Reply: Thank you so much ,Dawn :-))...I love your works as well...Have a wonderful evening,i go to sleep now,Nira

LouAnn Knight 22 Jan 2006

This would surely liven up a dull corner. Beautiful colors!

geoff cooper 22 Jan 2006

so bright and cheerful..

Artist Reply: Thank U ,Geoff for bright cheerful comments,much appreciated.Hope all is well with you and Lucinda.Have a wonderful evening!

Leah Jaarveth 22 Jan 2006

Psychedelic!! its very beautiful :)

Greg Vilton 22 Jan 2006

Very beautiful design and colours! Great details!

Pepita Selles 21 Jan 2006

Exclusive art design,colors so enjoyabel. Wonderful to see some work of you,pepita+10

Sondra Ertzberger 21 Jan 2006

wow look at them colours , beautiful work

Renee Nemerov 21 Jan 2006

Nice style--good colors

francis kwok peng kin 21 Jan 2006

excellent work, beautiful colours combination.

Joke Schotting 21 Jan 2006

Absolute gorgeous,Nira!!!!

Les Jobes 21 Jan 2006

WOWWEE!! Stunningly beautiful!! I Love the intensity.. the vibrance.. the thickness of each brush stroke... It's sooo exciting!! Can't wait to see this one done in ceramic's.. :) Would make a stunning platter with goblets set.. or maybe a lamp shade.. maybe jewellery!.. Oh, there's tonnes of possibilities! Outstanding artwork Nira... Love it. :o)

Reba McDonald 21 Jan 2006

A great design Nira.

Loredana 21 Jan 2006

Love these colors wow they are awesome Nira :)

Artist Reply: Thank you,Loredana,for all your wonderful comments.Have a wonderful weekend!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 21 Jan 2006

Oooooh! This is really opulent. Wonderful melange of colours. Fantastic!

Analua 21 Jan 2006

The delicacy of the designs in conjugation of strong colors give to this work a awsome beauty Nira!!! Great!!!!!!!!!!

charles hooper 21 Jan 2006

Awesome Colors!!Great job

Emily Reed 21 Jan 2006

Excellent colros and patterns.

Eva Britt 21 Jan 2006

Absolute gorgeous design Nira. So very beautiful pattern and colors

Greg Joens 21 Jan 2006

terrific mixed media

Laurie Brookes 21 Jan 2006

I just adore the brilliant colors of this! How Lovely!


One can get drawn into this and never return.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 21 Jan 2006

Beautiful design and great colors!!! There is a still strong softness in it, that i love very much!

Nancy Woolweber 21 Jan 2006

What beautiful colors. I do ceramics and this purple flowery area is wonderful...the rest is too but I love the purple, pink and blue.