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Continuation of the Featherpaints. A digital photo of a feather on a painting manipulated. This is available in print. It is signed by me in editing, not in type as shown here.


Anonymous Guest

Tanya Ray 02 Apr 2006

Wonderful work Nancy!

Peter Leahy 26 Feb 2006

really fabulous artwork!!!!!!

jessica torrant 25 Jan 2006

The feather itself is such a beautiful subject and your perspective and alterations just accentuate and highlight all that's amazing in this work of art from Life.

Terry Harris 21 Jan 2006

Lovely closeup view. Love the angle of the shot & color. Colors are vivid, but not overly done. Also has a softness & shimmery effect that the feather should have and often is lost in redtions of feathers.

Charmaine Bartlett 21 Jan 2006

Nancy...This is Outstanding. Incredible textural composition..Phenomenal colors! Your portfolio is mangnifecent.

Richard Delay Sirs 21 Jan 2006

Yes I love peacock feathers too... Nice work

Swayam Prakash Shrestha 21 Jan 2006

Creative work...... Nancy. I like it.

Emily Reed 20 Jan 2006

How pleasing and delightful!

Sara Deutsch 20 Jan 2006

Lovely interwoven effects, the background too.

Norma Nava 20 Jan 2006


Richard Santos 20 Jan 2006

This is lovely. It has a 'natural' look to it, unlike some 'mechanical' digital pieces I've seen. Nice job!

Bluemoonshadow 19 Jan 2006

What a beauty, Nancy.... lovely digital work..:-)

John Larkin 19 Jan 2006

I like it.

fred leonard 19 Jan 2006

I love the color combinations and design!!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 19 Jan 2006


Loredana 19 Jan 2006

Excellent Nancy :)

Paul Brennan 19 Jan 2006

Beautiful feather patterns

corry stuart 19 Jan 2006

very very nicely done Nancy

Anonymous Guest 19 Jan 2006

oohlala this is very nicely done

Greg Joens 19 Jan 2006

great abstract!

Sergio Saurio 19 Jan 2006

I love this amazingly creative Painting. It is like a wonderful and deep blue eye that sees into our hearts and brains. Cheers, Sergio.

John Segon-Fisher 19 Jan 2006

Nancy Beautiful and delicate work with feathers. Love it. Cheers John (groundhog day - LOL)