Cat portrait

This is a portrait I did as a sample picture when I first started out and it is hanging in the reception at the animal rescue place I donate a percentage of my commissions to. I wish now I'd used a coloured paper then the white fur would have shown up better. Drawn using Caran D'ache supracolor soft pencils on white paper. 12" x 16".


Anonymous Guest

Fiona Robinson 20 Jul 2008

beautiful pussy cat

Barbara Keith 31 Oct 2007

beautifully done!!

Heather Warfield 21 Jan 2006

Gotta love those glassy kitty eyes. Nice texture

Christina Langman 17 Jan 2006

A beautiful portrait... colored pencils are my favorite! I don't know about colored paper though... it looks ok - you might have been able to add a bit of color to the background if you liked... I like it as is though! :) Well done!

Analua 16 Jan 2006


Lori White 16 Jan 2006

well done!

Sondra Ertzberger 15 Jan 2006

beautiful work , great detailing and shading and line art

Billy Lewis 15 Jan 2006

outstanding work

Loredana 15 Jan 2006

Fantastic Drawing Ruth beautiful cat :)

Femi Johnson 15 Jan 2006

perfect location for this expression, nice Ruth

Asoka(Mattias) Långström 15 Jan 2006

nice line there L

Laura Smith 15 Jan 2006

Very beautiful work Ruth. Very soulful. Love the gorgeous eyes!

thea walstra 15 Jan 2006

Gorgeous and marvellous work

Cynthia Adams 15 Jan 2006 those huge eyes.exquisite work.

RQ Trietsch 15 Jan 2006

Exceptional work. Great job on the details

stephanie atlee 15 Jan 2006

What gorgeous work

Emily Reed 15 Jan 2006

What a delightful kitty. Adorable ---- The Cat Lady!