Sadly, 3 years ago, on january 12th, all the Bee Gees' fans lost one of the greatest man, brother, son, father, musician in the world......MAURICE GIBB. This special creation is a tribute to him. The Bee Gees'fans will never forget him, so every january 12th, all the fans from around the world light a candle in his memory. THANKS MO FOR ALL WHAT YOU HAD DONE WITH YOUR BROTHERS....WE MISS YOU!!!!

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Rebecca Mullan 09 Jan 2006

A very beautiful tribute to this beautiful person Claudia! He is dearly missed and yes, there will be candles lit all over the world. This year will be full of many tributes to him (concerts, records etc) by other musicians who want to pay tribute to him and the music he and his brothers made. 2006 will be the year of the Gibb - thankfully, it's much overdue !! tHanks for sharing this lovely tribute Claudia!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Becky!!! I'm glad that you liked it. And yes, this year will be lots of things around the brothers and specially around MO's figure -he deserves it-. Gibb embraces Claudia