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Africa in diaspora

this image shows the effect of war(misunderstanding)between countries of the world.let us live in peace and the world will be a nice place for us to live; no tribalism,racism,religious misunderstanding e.t.c.

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Anonymous Guest

natalia mackovy 14 Sep 2006

his look with fear for future keep up with u art:)

Artist Reply: he is scared because of what horrow the next second might bring, quit sad but that is the truth which is better. All thesame thanks for the comment

Carolin Schweizer 17 Aug 2006

Magda took the words out of my mouth. Very powerful image. I am really touched.

Artist Reply: u have a good portfolio thanks

Magda Elsehrawi 16 May 2006

powerful, strong, excellent image youve created here. The important thing is that this message is being carried outside domestic borders to the international world to see and understand. I know thats what african writers have tried to do, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and thats why this image is important. well done, well done. beautiful drawing.

Artist Reply: thanks for the comments i am very greatful:):):):):):):):)you all have a wonderful portfolio!

heliopo Heliopo 08 Apr 2006

THANK YOU ! good pencil work , importand message !

Pepita Selles 13 Jan 2006

Excellente drawing and text. I was once from one of the richest countries. From I was so big that I understand(now 46) I sat with mum and dad saw this children on Tv.I asked dad if he could do SOMETHING,I cry,angry.My trust was could not the king do it my Dad was able..hate that day I saw my dad was not able to give all starving child food...But I started to put food in envelopes..and hide them.And seeked everywhere the right adress. Give peace a chance