Deja-Vu  -poetry of wanderer

Technique:Lithograph&watercolors All men are traveling in each time...


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Tim Linville 18 Mar 2014

Very Surreal,and Expressive Work!

Sherly J 19 Dec 2005

I like the nostalgic effect.

Analua 18 Dec 2005

Marvelous!!! Great work!!!

Emily Reed 18 Dec 2005

An excellent abstract!

Clare Rowley 18 Dec 2005

I would have enjoyed seeing this image larger... it is unique that is for sure.. I love your choice of color.. nice composition...

Christine brand 18 Dec 2005

Excellent I love your Traveling Eggs they are very different...kind of alien but then not... really just cool!

Elton Houck 18 Dec 2005

The picture has a surrelistic mistic quality...too bad you could not get a larger rendition so we can really see the details.