The Spider and Fly

My first try at the macro-photography world.. ©2005 Steve Woron


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 26 Jul 2006

Love this one... mostly cause its so much like you, and me.... hehe (Kass)

Keith Murphey 28 Nov 2005

Steve, "help me, help meeeeeeeeee!" looks great!

Noval N. Hernawan 27 Nov 2005

Eeeww!! Now I have to think of a new hero other than spiderman. Nice detail, and what a capture. Awsome Steve.

Emily Reed 27 Nov 2005

Augh. Great image.

jeff blascyk 27 Nov 2005

this creeped me out. Looks awesome

jorge gallardo 27 Nov 2005

Awsome shot! Great job!

Gary Glass 27 Nov 2005

and I would say it was a very sucessful first try at macro photography Steve.. very nice image of the macro world..Actually that looks like a wasp...and there are some wasp that are spider killers.. wonder if this is one of them, who won?? But I do like your title.. Look forward to seeing more of your macro work...

Lawrence Hickman 27 Nov 2005

awsome job well done

Tracy Longley 27 Nov 2005

Wow great close up!

epsylon lyrae 27 Nov 2005

He really ugly but incredible at the same time...very nice photo indeed :D

jO ANNA jARVIS 27 Nov 2005

Excellent shot...!