Yaquina Head - Oil

Another blurry photo of the local light house! This is what is on the other side of my painting "Yaquina Light" Oil on canvas


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Ben DeBiase 24 Dec 2005

wow! I love the colors here-so earhty and inviting! the degree of motion in the water is so well rendered!

Renee Nemerov 13 Dec 2005

Nice work!

Cathie Brock 05 Dec 2005

This is so beautiful Betty...All the best Cath

Peter Skov 17 Nov 2005

Okay. I see the figures. Barely. I am sure this is another beautiful painting. The light looks gorgeous as always and the subject and composition both good. But the lack of focus or clarity is a shame. The fine art of Betty Schwartz should be exhibited more effectively.

Artist Reply: Okay, Peter - YOU'RE HIRED! LOL And thank you for the kind words!

Thomas Broadfoot 15 Nov 2005

Wonderful work on this piece

Loredana 14 Nov 2005

Nice painting Betty Lovely composition :)

Les Jobes 14 Nov 2005

Would love to see a clear shot of this painting, but even from this blurry photo I can tell this is an awesome work.. Gorgeous scenery, breathtaking landscape.. Wonderfully done, excellent oil painting. :o)

Artist Reply: Les, I'd like it to be clear, too. Then you and I, and everyone else, could see the two figures against the dark rock on the lower right side of the painting!

stephanie atlee 14 Nov 2005

lovely place and work..cool

eileen martin 14 Nov 2005

even blurry, i can see this is a fantastic, and detailed painting:)

Julie Mayser 14 Nov 2005

Betty, is this the blurry photo, or is this the Yaquina LIght painting? I am at a loss.The lighthouse does look blurry....

Artist Reply: Ah, Julie - this is a blurry photo of my PAINTING of Yaquina Head Lighthouse. The painting "Yaquina Light" is another painting in my Landscape portfolio and it is a view of this building from the opposite side. All clear now? :-)

thea walstra 14 Nov 2005

Very beautiful oil art

jennifer blenkinsopp 14 Nov 2005

outstanding work Betty.

Jerie kunitsky 14 Nov 2005

Outstanding work. I love it....

Emily Reed 14 Nov 2005

From what I can see it's a great painting.

Analua 14 Nov 2005

Magnific paint Betty!!!

Rob Slijkhuis 14 Nov 2005

Good work with oils!