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The Smoking Gun

copyright 2005 david loke The darker side of industrialization and modernization. This is a billowing chimney of a major petroleum refinery/distillery. It's pumping a lot of CO2s into the air that we breathe to produce almost everything that we use everyday. But I guess it's just one of those things that most of us just close our eyes to it because we are living with all the comforts that technology and industrialization give us. I just wonder how much a can of fresh air would cost in the future?


Anonymous Guest

Benjamin Dunstan 07 Sep 2006

I really like this image. I have always had a ficination with repetition and industrialization. Plus the grey scale creates just the right amount of contrast and composition.

Artist Reply: Thanks for your comments and for dropping by Benjamin :) I'm glad you enjoyed this image..:)

antony drossos 10 Nov 2005

the joke is it kinda DOES look like a gun! (and ive heard they already have oxygen bars in japan where you can order a can of fresh air)

Christine brand 10 Nov 2005

Excellent image and food for serious thought and action...what can we do? don't know!