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My Own Gastank

(c)2005 The neighbors are all talking. They're saying,"What's Gregg putting in his front yard?" "I think it's one of those underground gastanks he's been talking about getting?" "Well,...that's one way to bypass the gas stations!"


Anonymous Guest

tony murray 04 Mar 2007

I love your artwork ! It's deliciously Gruesome.

stephanie atlee 09 Nov 2005

hahahah...the nabors must be little worried too. =)

thea walstra 09 Nov 2005

Funny and excellent work

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 09 Nov 2005

GREAT WORK AND great work, GREG!!! LOVE IT!!!

Emily Reed 09 Nov 2005

Oh whoppee! That little guy is going to it - love those chubby wheels.