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So many spirits in one room

woodburn on pine wood with acrylic


Anonymous Guest

Julian Baslyk 23 Oct 2009

the spirits are here

Artist Reply: coming to a theater near you : )

gregory gallo 19 Nov 2005

does it not overwhelm when one sees so many lives around them? is it not a secret to share with one or none what is there always and all ways for the shaman to see........a beautiful illuminating creation.....

Artist Reply: thank you, red ! spirit said: there is love i keep following after. and every eye that's dreaming to find it, lost in the canyons of void, of every eye, and every night

Joo Im 04 Nov 2005

i like this one

K L Marsala 03 Nov 2005

Great imagery. I like the use of colors in your creation, very expressive look on the face.

Christine brand 02 Nov 2005

Wonderful expressive piece!!! Cool style! Too many spirits HuH!? Next time they drop in... try and get a mug shot! LOL!