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Stalled On Railroad Tracks

(c)2005 Ok,...your cars stalled on some railroad tracks and a trains coming. Do you run for cover, try to start your car at the last minute, or stand on the tracks trying to get the train to stop? Whether day or night, and if you have the time, turn on all the lights, interior too. Or activate your panic device on your car if you have one. Light some flares, and shine your flashlight at the engineers face. Or,...just push the car off the tracks.

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Anonymous Guest

Emily Reed 26 Jul 2006

Yowsers! Yikes!! Spooky!!!

Laurie Brookes 02 Nov 2005

OR.....Run like hell and hope you're a shade faster than the train. Great pen work!

Benjamin Bairn 30 Oct 2005

I would say get out your video camera because you are about to see a car shattered into a million peices. Great pen work once again Gregg.

stephanie atlee 30 Oct 2005

Uh...trouble afoot...nice pen and ink work

Thomas Broadfoot 30 Oct 2005

The perils of Pauline