Alone in the Dark

You Can't Sleep.You Can't Explain Why.Maybe It's The Neighbor's Cat.Maybe It's Just The Leaves.But Something...Keeps Moving Outside Your Back Door.


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Katerina Koukiotis 07 May 2014

fantastic work !

marie-claire gallet 07 May 2014

Very emotional portrait ! We are scary for her ! Fantastic attitude!!!! Most excellent work, Tim!

yves colas 07 May 2014

beautifull drawing,superb artwork,well executed,exquisite.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 May 2014

Still my favorite. Can you give me a call, need some help.....

kevin ong'any 24 Apr 2014

brilliant piece tim.. i fully appreciate the eye, hair and fabric detail in this one..

Renuka Pillai 02 Apr 2014

Beautiful work Tim!

Anne Whiteway 17 Mar 2014

As always, great work, Tim.

Rice Rallison 29 Jan 2014

I like the emotion on her face and surrounding the entire picture.

Solar Ic3 10 Sep 2007

great work tim.....the shirt the way you got the details of the "couple-of-sizes-too-large" really lends itself to the feeling of fear if she's escaping from evil.......

Rachel York 25 Jan 2007

Great job. Your pencil work is magnificent ya know. I wanted to thank you for all the nice comments you left on some of my art! Hugs* Thank you. ^_^

mark jorgenson 24 Feb 2006

I feel like shivering just looking at this rendering ! great work!

Heavens 09 Jan 2006

Very expressive...she does look very frightened.Looks as if she is standing in an open door and the chill dark wind is blowing past her yet in that swirling darknes something more sinister and vile awaits her exit into his world...his darkness. Beautiful work...great detail and shading....outstanding piece Tim!!!!

David Holcombe 30 Dec 2005

The feeling of this is more of isolation than fright. Her very white flesh tones contrast nicely with the dark background. Since the background has nothing intrinsically scary, the viewer is left to fill in the context from their experience. It looks like someone who is real, rather than a fictional character, but perhaps I may be wrong.

Carolin Schweizer 05 Dec 2005

I love this drawing. I am not really thinking of horror when I see it, but she looks as if someone should put protective arms around her. I like her dress, really nice.

Leah Jaarveth 17 Nov 2005

I love your horror Tim :) ANother awesome piece!

Steve Keith 10 Nov 2005

This is my favorite in the horror literally throws emotion at the viewer....every facet contributes to the emotion and drama of the picture.....congratulations....this is a perfect 10.

amber linville 08 Nov 2005

i like the is different. it just looks like she was running from something horrible...

Habeeb Hassan 08 Nov 2005

Nice work! I like the shades.

Kwabena Poku 01 Nov 2005

Fantastic work. Excellent pencil work

Marilyn Servais 29 Oct 2005

wow ! wonderful drawing again Tim ! wind of fear blows hard !

tazda lawson 25 Oct 2005

Man O' Man O' Man...... this is just fantastic. The details are great.

Angie Waszkiewicz 25 Oct 2005

I like the details of your drawing... the open cuffs really show a desperation that was more important than the details of life ;)

Terry Bullard 25 Oct 2005

wonderful picture, shadows, light her face is awesome and you have the hair down to a science!

LouAnn Knight 24 Oct 2005

No wonder the poor girl's hunched & shivering, in this weather, half exposed!! GOT to admire the ability here tho. definately TOP TEN accomplishment!!

William Boyer 23 Oct 2005

great job and great emotion.

Les Jobes 23 Oct 2005

All of a sudden you feel like you have let 'it' in.. whatever 'it' was.. and 'it' is all around you, in the darkness, as black as ink.. you try to adjust your eyes as you fumble around, searching for a light switch... She is FANTASTIC Tim - Brilliant how she is surrounded by 'darkness' - The detailing is AWESOME! Excellent! :o)

jeff blascyk 23 Oct 2005

yes, this is very nice work.

Leroy Drumm 23 Oct 2005

Beautiful drawing!!! well done!!! wonderful!! A 10++ in my book

Nancy Woolweber 23 Oct 2005

She is awesome

Christine brand 23 Oct 2005

Button up for safety!!!

stephanie atlee 23 Oct 2005

I can almost hear her teeth chattering from the cold...awesome work on the shading you did on this

Loredana 22 Oct 2005

Very beautiful Tim lovely face :)

Blonde Blythe 22 Oct 2005

She's gorgeous, Tim! I love the detail you put into the hair!

jennifer blenkinsopp 22 Oct 2005


Elizabeth Stringer 22 Oct 2005

You have captured the feeling well here. she is really straining to see something in the cold darkness

eileen martin 22 Oct 2005

looks like she just felt that 'chill', excellent Tim:)

Renata Cavanaugh 22 Oct 2005

New one?? She is stunning.....I love her lips! And the background adds such a creepy setting! Excellent work Tim!!!!

Mark Linville 22 Oct 2005

Wohhh, this is perfect

Andree Lerat 22 Oct 2005

No, I haven't and I'm so glad...:) Very good pencil portrait.

Nira Dabush 22 Oct 2005

Excellent expression of fear and perhaps even trembeles...Superb work ,Tim

Benjamin Bairn 22 Oct 2005

Fantastic pencil work once again Tim. You continue to amaze me.

Pat Abbott 22 Oct 2005

I love your pencil work!

Tyco Kaine 22 Oct 2005

Cool :) I ilke the style of the hair - great work

Analua 22 Oct 2005

Great work Tim!!!! Allways marvelou expressions and details!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Reed 22 Oct 2005

Yes, she looks alone and afraid. I like the way her hair is swept back and she is holdihg herself close.

Joke Schotting 22 Oct 2005

Perfect Tim.

joan warburton 22 Oct 2005

Wonderful and expressive. Can feel her apprehension and fear!

sher richardson 22 Oct 2005

Bravo Tim..shes lovely, wonderful talented work... and yes i have answered to door with no one there...i do have a .357 nickle plated long barrel as a companion late nite greeter : ) (hugs)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 22 Oct 2005


thea walstra 22 Oct 2005

Awesome, very well executed work Tim.