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Hydroplaning Fantasy

(c)2005 Your vehicle's going down the freeway at high speeds. Hydroplaning is bound to happen. Watch your tire pressure, and it's probably best not to use your cruise control either.


Anonymous Guest

stephanie atlee 22 Oct 2005

This is too much fun...i love the little fishies.

Benjamin Bairn 22 Oct 2005

Another great drawing Gregg. Hydroplaning over fish filled potholes, very creative.

Analua 22 Oct 2005

Realy a magnific work Gregg!!!

Emily Reed 22 Oct 2005

Now how did those little fishies get into that hydroplanning water LOL????!!!!!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 22 Oct 2005

this is HEAVY and plenty of things that can be happen!!!!