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The Grand Canal from Accademia Bridge

An old watercolor, done after having been to a Turner exibit in Venice and having been inspired by his works... unfortunately Turner didn't guide my brush as well ;)


Anonymous Guest

Cristina Andrisan 13 Jan 2009

Beautiful view...Great watercolor!

Loredana 08 Oct 2005

WOW the detail in this is wonderful Your very talanted Cristina :)

Diana Hume 02 Oct 2005

I love Turner, as well! You've captured wonderful light with this painting!

Greg Vilton 02 Oct 2005

Very beautiful watercolour, Cristina! Wish I could visit Venice one day. It must be a really fascinating place!

tim linville 01 Oct 2005

Excellent water color style!A nice view!

Virginia Gordon 01 Oct 2005

A LOVELY Watercolor! Christina

stephanie atlee 01 Oct 2005

very nice work on this...what a cool looking place

Anneke Hut 01 Oct 2005

Ahh That's wonderful Cristina! I love the space in the picture, it's like you can breath the fresh air of the sea.

Analua 01 Oct 2005

Awsome and magnific paint Cristina!!! Very, very good work!

monique cooper 01 Oct 2005

Absolutely wonderful!!.. thank you for sharing it!!:))

Rob Slijkhuis 01 Oct 2005

A watercolor of Venise; Looks beautiful :)

thea walstra 01 Oct 2005

Very lovely work only the water needs some improvement.

Laura Smith 01 Oct 2005

This is very nice. Great composition.

Emily Reed 01 Oct 2005

What a beautiful and delicate watercolor. The details of the buildings are so well done, making the whole scene so attactive. The curve of the river and fading perspective add to the attractiveness.

Maria hedblom 01 Oct 2005

ouh! beautiful... ive always wanted to go there. you have almost taken me. hehe. nice work

Malin Hagman 01 Oct 2005

very good! like the soft colours