A Dance with a Dragon

An 8 X 10 inch ink and watercolor.


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Tahnja Wolter 25 Jun 2007

this is one special work of art

Leticia Rivera-Uttich 27 Sep 2006

Beautiful and imaginative... I love it. The colors are wonderful and pleasant to look at.

Steve Farr 26 Sep 2006

Fun and magical feel, Christy! Great image!! ^_^

Christine brand 26 Sep 2006

Gosh I love this!!! excelent charm, theme and fantasy dtails!!!

Olga van Dijk 26 Sep 2006

Nice illustration for a children's book!

Joanne Harvey 26 Sep 2006

Christy..You have what it takes to make marvelous childrens books! If you are not allready doing it ..You SHOULD! Beautiful art work!

Cara Brown 12 Mar 2006

This painting is wonderful! It inspired me so much that I am now working on my own dragon watercolor.

Peter Skov 02 Mar 2006

I agree with Lisa. The expression on the dragon's face is priceless. Very well done.

Phil Jones 31 Jan 2006

I love your style! Great work.

Shannon Reinbold-Gee 29 Sep 2005

Very cute. I just wish your background was a little more distant (tone-wise) from your dragon so he'd look a touch sharper.

Artist Reply: Good point, Shannon. I think I relied more on color contrast and maybe not enough on varying the saturation of the colors; thanks for the advice.

Kelly Barrett 28 Sep 2005

Very pretty Illustration!

Artist Reply: Thanks Kelly!

Mayme Crouse 27 Sep 2005

I really love your work, it is the type of fairytale wporld that would be nice to visit.

Artist Reply: I like to hear that. :) Thanks Mayme.

Diana Hume 21 Sep 2005

Very touching! The warm and cool colour contrasts worked very well!

Artist Reply: Thanks Diana, I'm happy to hear you think so. :)

Jasmine Becket-Griffith 21 Sep 2005

A whimsical and beautiful painting. I love it!

Artist Reply: Good! Thank you Jasmine. :)

joan warburton 21 Sep 2005

Oh, this is adorable! Beautiful work!

Artist Reply: Thank you Joan, glad you like it! :)

Nancy Costley 20 Sep 2005

Delightful fantasy. Great control of color.

Artist Reply: I was going for some warm and cool color contrast in this one. Thank you Nancy!

Analua 20 Sep 2005

WOW SUPERB!!! I'm tottaly ecstasize!!!

Artist Reply: Great to hear, thank you Analua!

monique cooper 20 Sep 2005

Truely enchanting!!!.. a wonderful talent you have!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Monique!

tim linville 20 Sep 2005

Time consuming work,Christy!A great theme,and I like the flow of her dress!

Artist Reply: Yes, despite the smaller size, this one took longer than many of my larger pictures. I had fun painting the dress. Thanks Tim!

thea walstra 20 Sep 2005

Very beautiful and well executed work

Artist Reply: Thanks for your comment, Thea!