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Sinful Delight...

Portrait of the man who just broke my heart... of course this image was created in the early weeks of our relationship. He lied to me about having an 11 month old baby dying, suffering in the alone- a ward of the state because they couldn't afford to take care of her and she would never develope past the size of a newborn. LIE... there was no such baby dying... it turned out that his ex was 6 months pregnant when we first started dating and some how he was going to tie all that in together. Can we say 'Made for TV Movie' folks? heh but there was far far more I didn't know about and discovered when I moved in with him.


Anonymous Guest

leny hendrickx 25 Mar 2008

he has earned those horns ! but you make beatyful work , and no one can take that away from you!! good luck girl.

p hartnett 09 Sep 2005

Robin - Such a cad! I hope you are wiser and stronger because of him! You don't have this man, but you still got your talent. Rock on, Robin, love your artwork!