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Flamingo Shade

Based on Vicki Ashworth's photo. Pastel and pencil. I made some changes to the oringinal photo.


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Mathea O'Leary 29 Mar 2012

I admire people who have the talent to create with pastels - I really like flamingo's so this really made my day.

Dixie Fowler 25 Jan 2009

Love the colors here!

margaret mckeehan 27 Jul 2008

Beautiful work, the colors are wonderful.........

Lawrence Untermeyer 20 Feb 2008

Being a photographer, I mostly comment on photographs, but in this case I have to compliment you on this creation. Love the shadow effect and the reflections. Very Nice!!!

Gabriele Swanson 11 Dec 2007

gorgeous work Nancy

Ruth Palmer 11 Dec 2007

Beautiful Nancy! Wonderful reflections and great color!

Merideth Van Every 28 Feb 2007

I love the colors in this. Greak work.

Jacqueline Bishop 05 Sep 2006

wonderful work!

Hassan Pasha 19 Aug 2006

the bird of color and softness ... this is a beautiful pond .. how i wish i could be standing somewhere out there taking a photograph of these birds .. this is just so awesome

Brigitte Hintner 23 Jun 2006

Great pencil /pastel work ....beautifully done 1 Bravo !

Brandi Murphy 14 Jun 2006

I love this. Great work!

Maria hedblom 26 May 2006

this is very pretty with the pink in the middle! adorable

rb chakravartty 04 Apr 2006

very nice

Jude 09 Feb 2006

this is a beautiful work, I love the colors and the reflection are perfect!

kali Heffernan 20 Jan 2006

Very Nice work, has life and movement and interesting style of reflection.......

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 03 Dec 2005


Ian B. Louthan 08 Nov 2005

great work. i love the colors

Sara Deutsch 27 Oct 2005

Soft and the mood...

Heidi Olson 20 Oct 2005

Love this...beautiful details! You captured this very nicely.

Blonde Blythe 28 Sep 2005

I love the colors & expression in this piece!

Matthew Kukosky 22 Sep 2005

very cool, it has a nice feel

Paul Brennan 20 Sep 2005

Beautiful Flamingos, excellent technique

Anneke Hut 10 Sep 2005

What a wonderful colours and composition. Beautiful image, Nancy!

sidney orr 10 Sep 2005

charming tone, and very pleaant, and good color contrasts between the browns, pinks, blues. The reflections are hard, no? Even with PS they're hard... cheers S

Loredana 09 Sep 2005

This is so very beautifully done Nancy lovely work :)


I LIKE IT!!! it is so neat to see this.i like the pinks against the dark water..great job!

stephanie atlee 08 Sep 2005

beautiful colors and work...nicely done.

Bluemoonshadow 07 Sep 2005

Nice colours, Nancy... wow~!

Kelly Barrett 07 Sep 2005

The pink really stand out against the dark background. really nice reflection in the water, too!

Emily Reed 07 Sep 2005


carla Vigneau 07 Sep 2005

this is nice!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 07 Sep 2005

Beautiful artwork!!!

fred leonard 07 Sep 2005

Fantastic work, I especially love the water and reflections!

Jennifer Hewitt 07 Sep 2005

beautiful image, very well done. lovely colours and fantastic rendering of the reflections in the water

Joke Schotting 07 Sep 2005

Awesome colors,Nancy!!!!

thea walstra 07 Sep 2005

Excellent and beautiful work Nancy

Jan Christensen 07 Sep 2005

Just beautiful, Nancy!

Femi Johnson 07 Sep 2005

beautiful picture, love the color mix Nancy

Analua 07 Sep 2005

Gorgeous Nancy! Flamingo colours is the maximum!