Sending best wishes towards all devistated by the Hurricane Katrina. Prayers for the strong angels out there to send help and comfort. Oil on Board.


Anonymous Guest

colin mcq 03 May 2008

love the work thais exactly the way that i used to paint at uni very good work, love the lush thickness of the paint

Olga Osi 06 Mar 2008

Very powerful!

Booker T. Williams, Jr. 10 Feb 2008


Tamara Blecker 04 Feb 2008

This has a lot of emotion. Love it.

Kenny Henson 31 Jan 2008

I like this one the best. Nice work.

rb chakravartty 29 Jan 2008


Anonymous Guest 11 Jan 2008

Beatiful work A+

William Boyer 24 Dec 2007

Have a great Christmas and New Year from the BackporchGallery William Boyer

jamie winter 15 Oct 2007

oh this is jsut awesome

Sergio Saurio 12 Oct 2007

So unforgettable Painting Nancy !!. Cheers, ~Sergio.

annette steens 02 Oct 2007

excellent, strong art!

Richard Clegg 23 May 2007


Joanna Jungjohann 22 May 2007


francis kwok peng kin 03 Feb 2007

great message, excellent bold colours.

sylvia wadman 30 Sep 2006


Olga van Dijk 26 Sep 2006


teresa greene 24 Sep 2006

Very nice the colors blend well together

jessica torrant 02 Sep 2006

Exquisite oil painting - truly a beautiful work of art.

Vanessa Peterson 28 Jul 2006

Woah. This is incredible. When i first saw it I could merely gape at the beautiful sadness and anguish you captured. Congratulations on an amazing piece.

Emily Reed 21 Jul 2006

Rare beauty! Enchanted!

Tanya Ray 02 Apr 2006

Strong beautiful colors,..I like the movement this one has. Very nice.

Lucia Stewart 22 Mar 2006

This is very special!

Charles Thomas 09 Mar 2006

I like angels, too. Their colors are so significant. Good work.

Brandi Wilson 09 Mar 2006

beautiful image, textures and colors.

gregory gallo 02 Jan 2006

gorgeous painting with a soul of words behind it with the meaning that is truly human.....i love this piece......very deep and meaningful

Sara Deutsch 20 Sep 2005

Powerful angel, moving image!

sidney orr 15 Sep 2005

Lovely example of the genre. The skin and musculature and the hair are striking - That's a rather beautiful classic profile - reminds me of classic greek lines... regards

thea walstra 07 Sep 2005

Love your style. The work is excellent

Manuela Facchin Varalda 07 Sep 2005

Such an expressive work, Nancy!

Julie Mayser 06 Sep 2005

Love the striking color and texture in this piece!

Anonymous Guest 04 Sep 2005

love all the texures

Vivian Allen 04 Sep 2005

This painting is awesome. The kind one stares at and reads...gets into and knows. Fantastic in every way.

Marilyn Servais 04 Sep 2005

very kind thought and nice painting Nancy !

Katerina Koukiotis 04 Sep 2005

beautiful tribute

stephanie atlee 04 Sep 2005

very lovely angel to watch over the people of New Orleans...she is wonderful

Loredana 03 Sep 2005

Wonderful nancy i love this :)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 03 Sep 2005

very strong painted work, SUPER!

John Wright 03 Sep 2005

A powerful and very beautiful image, Nancy.

fred leonard 03 Sep 2005

Very well done and very well said!

Nira Dabush 03 Sep 2005

Beautiful creative and energetic work,Nancy.

Robin Pils 03 Sep 2005

WOW!!!! This breath taking I love it the colors are so moving.... Very nicley done..

Alberto D'Assumpcao 03 Sep 2005

Beautiful work, Nancy. Very nice colours. Well done!

heliopo Heliopo 03 Sep 2005

I need and I love angels. Your angel is very strong , like an importand boddyguard ! I like your stoke and colors here. and her golden Hair . :o)

Femi Johnson 02 Sep 2005

lovely painting Nancy, I'm in unity with your heart felt message, thanks