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Madonna's Demon 8 - At Peace With the Demon

7 x 10 Watercolor/Ink I have been obsessed by this vision lately and feel the urge to express it through painting. You may see it here in different forms. This piece reflects the reality of finding and addressing the demons in our lives. The Madonna is an icon that represents the feminine in it's purest form. No matter how "clean" one's life appears to the outside world - people struggle with their own problems and "demons". Though we emanate goodness and kindness and try to positively affect those around us, we harbor troubles of our own. In this piece the Madonna holds the Demon who watches peacefully in her arms. It is a quiet time in her life when she knows she must carry the demon with her. They are both at peace with eachother. The flames surrounding the Madonna - express her fierce influence on the world.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 13 Jan 2012

Haha Chel! Not exactly sure....but it is related to a DRAGON!

X-Chel 08 Jan 2012

Very cute demon! What species is it?

annette steens 03 Nov 2007

your work IS excellent!

Gerrie Olly 20 Oct 2007

One should never be at peace with a demon... It's when one gets comfortable, he ravishes what is left of us. Continue the fight! Huggs

Anna Lo Bello 14 Sep 2005

fantastic painting and beautiful colors