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Shuzheng Village,Sichuan.China

This forest lead to the waterfall in Jui Zhai Guo, it's very misty and clouds moves very fast over the blue mountain...very mysterious!

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Christine brand 21 Jan 2007

Hello Cherished One! thanks for stopping in and leaving me a word. It was wonderful to hear from you again. I am happy to know you are well and still doing your beautiful paintings. This one is particularly lovely because of the soft blue haze. Divine ethereal power, you caught the heart of magnifigance of the moutain!!! I wanted to tell you I think of you often and wonder how you are. I send prayers and love to you Francis hoping you are kept safe in Gods care. Sincerely CB

Anonymous Guest (IP: 29 Jul 2006

one word beautiful ben kiger

John Enright 30 May 2006

spectacular depth of field, great spacial relationship between the travelers and the mystic mountain. Powerful image that makes one reflect of God.

Renata Cavanaugh 18 May 2006


K L Marsala 16 May 2006

your work always brings me to no mind francis. this one is so calming and gentle. wonderful