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Reclamation by Nature

This is a image of an old barn in the Georgetown Kentucky area.. Once used for hanging tobacco, storing tractors/farm implements and the like. It now sits in despair slowly being reclaimed by nature to eventually decay and become one with the land over time..It is a bit sad but this Old Americana Icon is slowly being phased out, be it in new generic looking barns or as in this case the decay of the classic barns of the 1800's and early 1900's. But then again maybe it is just the old nostalgic memories of a childhood brought about by the transcending of living in the suburbs and summers in the country..Hopefully some of the iconic symbols that makes America Unique like the Old West (cowboy , Indians, Buffalo) barns,Route 66 and the like to name a few will live on in photographic images to show what once was....... Just a Thought..

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 10 Feb 2014

Hi Gary really like your work,I have a saying,If I can Capture a picture, Then I have Captured a moment in time which then can be shared with every one I know ,All things change that's just part of life as we know it.

Hannah Daffern 17 Mar 2007

cool picture, it looks like something out of 'Oddworld' a game. I love the colours......

Les Jobes 29 Aug 2005

Great shot, nicely composed! :o)

stephanie atlee 25 Aug 2005

Great shot of the barn..nature does have a way of taking back what is hers.

Jan Christensen 24 Aug 2005

Great thoughts. I love this shot!