Ikonik Fractal 0001

This Ikonik Fractal is dedicated to everyone at 'AW' special thanks to those who take the time to leave comments and words of support, they are genuinely appreciated. The Close-up Zoom view has Free Nokia and Sony Ericsson Wallpaper available. How do I download Color wallpapers? From your phone menu, go to net services or wap browser and enter the address below... http://nowikonik.com/wap/52.gif


Anonymous Guest

Gregory Edwards 27 Apr 2006

This has a living dimension beyond depth alone!!! as if mother ship tripers resonated with platform people lifters stripping transfers down to their smiles...

tim linville 22 Nov 2005

Dazzling digital,Mark!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 03 Oct 2005

these forms and deep colours are very very attractive!!! Love it!!

Angie Waszkiewicz 21 Sep 2005

Cool new fractal!!! :D Reminds me of something storybook... I think it is the curls :) Stunning colors :D

Prashant Solomon 18 Sep 2005

Mark this is absolutely superb!!! I can feel the enrgy and the light just looking at it! Amazing colors and powerful contrasts -- this just transports you to a higher realm of consciousness!! Truly amazing work!

eileen martin 06 Sep 2005

wow that close up version is fantastic, detailed and so full of light:)

Nira Dabush 30 Aug 2005

Sophisticated design,Mark...UNIQUE!!!

sharon hendrickson 20 Aug 2005

Truly a lovely design ! I love the wonderful carmel colors !!~*****~!!

Sara Deutsch 19 Aug 2005

This one has a different look...I love the dimensionality and yes, it makes me taste chocolate or caramal..

tazda lawson 17 Aug 2005

Smashing old chum absolutely smashing..... Oh yeah its pretty good too.

K L Marsala 16 Aug 2005

mark this is my favorite so far. this is incredible.

amanda wilcox 16 Aug 2005

Breathtaking...My mind has just been blown away. To get so close to this beautiful energy...I am speechless :)

stephanie atlee 16 Aug 2005

This is beautiful...a gem in the sky...quite engaging.

Susan Epps 16 Aug 2005

Hi Mark.....thanks so much for the link ! For some reason, this makes me think of a child breaking a chocolate egg and finding something like the answer to the meaning of life inside lol ! The colours work really well together ! The lower one has much more of a party feel to it where the meaning of life is maybe not too important just now lol ! Thank you so much for this awesome gift to us all ! Will be mailing soon re website and CD....fantastic, by the way !

Reba McDonald 16 Aug 2005

A beautiful gem. Thanks so much

Thomas Broadfoot 16 Aug 2005

Great job on this piece

Alberto D'Assumpcao 16 Aug 2005

This is excellent, Mark! The symbolism is very interesting. Seems the sailing-vessel of an aesthetics crusade!

Aris Stathakis 16 Aug 2005

Mark this is wonderful in many ways, thank you for this my my friend :)

Anonymous Guest 16 Aug 2005

thank you Mark, creatively alive image with non comforming shapes, interesting to the eye:)

Svitozar Nenyuk 16 Aug 2005

Wow! Great work, Mark!!!

Marilyn Servais 16 Aug 2005

wow! thank you Mark , for your delicacy ! this image really is beautiful , brilliant in every meanings , i love the chocolate tones and the bright spherical center , and the "butterflies" that fly around ! thank you for the link too !

thea walstra 16 Aug 2005

Mark, many thanks for this awesome art-work. It is well composed, the colors are awesome and the imagery is fabulous.

Loredana 16 Aug 2005

WOW Thanks so much Mark its absolutely Special I love It :)

Jay Eng 16 Aug 2005

This is awesome!! dude!! :-) The browns really work well in this one!!

jennifer blenkinsopp 16 Aug 2005

Geat digital Mark.

Tabitha Borges 16 Aug 2005

wow.. you can see the movement so detailed and alive...

Femi Johnson 16 Aug 2005

almost like crystal work Mark

Emily Reed 16 Aug 2005

Beautiful shades of yellow ochre.

Joke Schotting 16 Aug 2005

Great worl,Mark!!!!

~Katie~ . 16 Aug 2005

wow thats truely magical!!!