This work placed a blue ribbon in a show, it is one of my favorite works. This was the begining to my abstract paintings. Copyright by Nancy Costley. Not to be used without permission.


Anonymous Guest

jamie baughman 14 Oct 2008

Very Beautiful!!!

Georgio Groussis 16 May 2008

Beautiful i love how you did the angle the details you are very gifted

Tamara Blecker 04 Feb 2008

Ooh neat Tamara Blecker

Douglas Larsen 12 Dec 2007

Wonderful expressionism, can feel the texture and life! Art et Amour Toujours

Nira Dabush 12 Nov 2007


Anonymous Guest 14 Oct 2007

wonderful painting. I especially like the different angle of the pose and the thick paint

Jessica Courtley-Rose 12 Oct 2007

So creative, fun and colorful!

Janet Gioffre Harrington 12 Oct 2007

great thick paint. wonderful textures. perfect proportions. I LOVE IT!!

Julie Mayser 14 Sep 2007


DeShawn Robinson 08 Mar 2007

Beautiful colorful textured wonderful work!!:)

Doris B. Lambling 22 Jan 2007

simply adore it!

Tom and Susan Repasky 10 Jan 2007

I can see why this took the blue ribbon Nancy!! This faery painting is excellent! I love the textures you have achieved in this, and the colors give the image a very surreal feel!! Excellent work!!! ~S

Lucia Stewart 22 Mar 2006

This one i love too - I can see why it is your favourite - In this there is passion and I love the textures, use of colour and would love to see more of these!

Emily Reed 06 Feb 2006

A dramatic eye-catching abstract!

Lisa Hill 01 Feb 2006

amazing work. love the textures, Lisa x

Sabrina Edwards 20 Jan 2006

Lovely colours and texture... :)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 18 Jan 2006

beautiful, love the way you are painting with acrylic!!

John Enright 30 Dec 2005

hello nancy. I enjoy the thick pallette of your work...shows great passion and intensity.

Anonymous Guest 17 Dec 2005

Exquisite image, Nancy!

kali Heffernan 12 Dec 2005

This is a bueatiful image, love the texture, and feeling in the work...

Deborah Martin 13 Nov 2005

Wonderful rich Textured Abstract Angel.........I love the way you captured her skin tones!! Beautiful Work!!!!

George Wallis 22 Oct 2005

fantastic colors and textures, looks great

Ben DeBiase 11 Oct 2005

wow, this is so cool! the perspective and shading are amazing as is the texture....and yes, angels are interesting!;)

Sergio Saurio 27 Sep 2005

A wonderful and deep Masterpiece. You are amazing Nancy. Cheers, Serg.

Ruta Cepinska 05 Sep 2005

very nice

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 22 Aug 2005

Yes! This is excellent! Wonderful impasto! Brilliant!

Iain Robinson 22 Aug 2005

Great colours and impasto paint handling.

Elena Bogorad 18 Aug 2005

Wonderful work! perfect color combinations

george martinez 18 Aug 2005

wow! this is very angelic artwork nancy, great work

Jennifer Hewitt 11 Aug 2005

very beautiful technique and style. i love the brush work

Joselito Jandayan 08 Aug 2005

Great color and composition.

Pepita Selles 07 Aug 2005

So interessting art and bravery using colors and the brush strokes so lively. Good art

Renata Cavanaugh 07 Aug 2005

Beautifully image....and great texture

Katerina Koukiotis 07 Aug 2005

vivid pretty colors!!

Sara Deutsch 06 Aug 2005

I love the way the colors and brush strokes vibrate together... also the mystery of the pose. What is she doing? What is she watching?

fred leonard 06 Aug 2005

Fantastic color and textures!

lerat andree 06 Aug 2005

Beautiful technique and wonderful imagination. Reminiscent of Van Gogt's brush strokes.

sher richardson 06 Aug 2005

I missed this yesterday nancy, and congrats on the ribbon! I think the texture and the movement along with the violet colour makes this a treat for the senses... lovely painting : ) PS ...if your selling the original painting for 280 then im miffed... triple the price, for size and ribbon history...theres a bit of a van gogh appeal in this work... hugs...

Marilyn Servais 06 Aug 2005

beautiful work ! i love the technique and colors , and this little angel's posture !

francis kwok peng kin 06 Aug 2005

beautiful and amazing textures

Jan Christensen 05 Aug 2005

Wonderful! I love the paint textures and colors!

Loredana 05 Aug 2005

Wonderful texture and colors Nancy :)

Swayam Prakash Shrestha 05 Aug 2005

Beautiful Texture.

monique cooper 05 Aug 2005

LOVELY!!.. i can almost feel all that wonderful texture!!

Charlotte Ottilo 05 Aug 2005

Nancy this is absolutely gorgeous! Your are so incredibly talented! Congrats on the Blue Ribbon

Casey Catton 05 Aug 2005

This has wonderful texture! Love the colors and composition and has a free feel to it. Great work Nancy!

José Fortunato 05 Aug 2005

Very nice with a good texture

Alberto D'Assumpcao 05 Aug 2005

Fantastic worn, Nancy! The texture is amazing and the colours too!

stephanie atlee 05 Aug 2005

gorgeous colors and textures...very nice

Sandy Madison 05 Aug 2005

Oh, Nancy, I like this. Very novel perspective on an angle. Really works.

Kathy Izquierdo 04 Aug 2005

this won a blue ribbon?!?! oo my no wonder its soo beutiful :) i love it!! i love artist that know how to paint like you.

Christine Walkowicz 04 Aug 2005

very nice work