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Isle of arran.

Commision, took off a old b/w photo which was sent to me from the person I did this for,She is moving there shortly,Her aunt used to live here, so it holds fond memories.The building on the left used to be the lagg hotel, the isle of arran is in scotland, there are few inhabitants of 4,500, and is a very peaceful and beautiful place to visit.The smoke from the chimneys is going in different directions, this shows crossed winds.----Sold

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Anonymous Guest

Randy Kroll 17 Jan 2006

This is such a beautiful scene! The different trees in the BG are very well done and I like how your eyes are taken up the hill by the dirt road. Great job it's all very nice, again! I love your work!

Jerie kunitsky 02 Jan 2006

Wonderful work...

13 Dec 2005

I love this wonderful work. Something about the middle of it, the slope between the trees is inviting. Seems the wind is blowing some from the direction of the smoke and trees. It gives me the feeling of coolness, not cold but cool, maybe about to rain too.

Victor Rolfe 30 Nov 2005

I love this! You can almost see the grass and the tree branches waving in the wind. I love pastel but I can't do landscapes to save my life! (Any tips very greatfully received!!) :-)

francis kwok peng kin 05 Sep 2005

Excellent pastel work, very natural and free with your medium.