KP Couple

This particular image was inspired by "The Phantom of the Opera". It features KP, and her lover (whom I modeled after my husband, and his 'fursona'). Characters and image are copyright to S.B. 2005.


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Candace Johnson 18 Nov 2005

the man that she is hugging dracrelu the vampire

Shanna Williams 22 Jul 2005

Have you tried giving the ends of her hair more detailed texture? Like how the bangs are, just a bit to show it's less stiff, only because the other seems more flowy. Nice anatomy and color swivets!

Artist Reply: Well, I tried playing with where abouts I should have put the highlights, but, I thought that if I would have added any more, it might have looked funny, or, as if I put in too much. I guess that answers my question! ^.^ (heh) I'll remember that next time though! Maybe I will do it next time, and see the results I get. *nods* Thanks you kindly for the suggestions, and kind comments!

Sondra Ertzberger 20 Jul 2005

SO adorable and I love the Phantom Of the Opera facial features to this :D

Artist Reply: Thank you very much! :D

Ashley Slice 19 Jul 2005

O_O Wonderful. I love "The Phantom of the Opera." Playing the soudtrack right now as a matter of fact. lol... anywho. Welcome to AW!! Your art is loverly!

Artist Reply: ^.^ Thank you very much! I love it too! Thank you once again for the warm welcome and comment(s)!