I was born, Then I cried and in my tears I swam to an aim I did not know. I closed my eyes and I saw that I am lost in the desert of life. I screamed, and in my sadness drowned. Then I died, although I still take my breath


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tim linville 13 Oct 2005

Well expressed,Hisham!Or,you could look at it this way...I have never seen this many Ladies give a paragraph to one image EVER!

Devon Wilson 18 Jul 2005

wow what an intence thought, and i would have to agree with T.D.R that it is dark but see it fitting to your statement... Deep...good job

Clare Rowley 15 Jul 2005

I love the hidden messages within this image. the dark colors and metallic appearance add to the emotion you have depicted so well. Great Work...

stephanie atlee 15 Jul 2005

Another very powerful and moving creation...the words are so sad and full of longing. Lot os symbolism that makes one take a deeper look at your

georgia brown 14 Jul 2005

Very interesting image and words!!! My interpretation of this piece: I feel that this piece is about growing up. As a child we look at the world with innocence and everything is new and wonderful.As we get older we lose that childlike wonder as the heartaches and trials in life take there toll on our innocence.

Gail Nordlof 14 Jul 2005

So painfully sad. Beautiful image, title and prose - very cohesive. The boat on blocks is a wonderful symbolic summary of the whole piece.

Peggy DANDRIDGE 14 Jul 2005

Dear Hishram: I have to say that my first thought is that this is a disturbiong image but a great piece of art. The contrast of the realistic backround with the surreal figure is intriguing. I don't usually like any description of a piece of art because I like to let the viewer interpret throught their own experiences. But your description is like prose and somewhat cryptic and so I am still left to my own interpretations. Good work.

sharon hendrickson 14 Jul 2005

An excellent poem and wild surreal design ! Most sorrowful. I take it that this is an inner view of a mind bound to the past and intruded by it's haunts. Well done and very original work !!~*****~!!

Tracey Loftis 14 Jul 2005

Very expressive and so sad. I mourn for the person of your creation.

Aris Stathakis 14 Jul 2005

Wonderful composition Hisham, I like everything about it, well done!!!

Leah Jaarveth 14 Jul 2005

Wow this is much feeling comes from definately have a lot inside you...wonderful :)

Emily Reed 14 Jul 2005

This speaks volumes, and you have captured the emotion so well.

cile bailey 12 Jul 2005

a lot of thought went into the making of this piece. good luck, cile

Jo Glasscock 12 Jul 2005

Oh Hisham this is a wonderful piece

Alberto D'Assumpção 12 Jul 2005

excellent composition, Hisham!

jO ANNA jARVIS 11 Jul 2005

This speaks volumes....!

Christine brand 11 Jul 2005

Hisham!!!!there is nothing to improve upon here...I feel this, Alas! we still breathe, there is so much meaning n thought. U r the Master of thought n your mind, see the light reflected in the door right upper corner n know that there is so much more to see beyond what we see with our eyes...I love your work! The way becomes clearer does it not...I know this n so do where shall the light take us? We still Breathe...

T.D. Ruley 11 Jul 2005

strange and very eerie...the words go with the picture, but the picture does seem a bit dark.

Kay L. Schlagel 11 Jul 2005

This is full of powerful symbolism. The poem together with the painting makes this a very powerful piece. Great Job!

Renata Cavanaugh 11 Jul 2005

Very deep and powerful image. Is is emotion provoking and beautifully done

ghada zoughby 11 Jul 2005

I read artists reviews before writing mine..I don't agree with George Martinez who said "any body can have their own interpretation", I think it's a positive point, for me,no need to interprete,just feel it. and also I don't agree with Jenny Gulseren,I see a smile reflecting a sad satisfaction and a will to survive ..."I still take my breath ". I hope your art can shout loud and wake the world's leaders we all need to live in peace. I have a lot of words to say,not good enough in english to say them,maybe I'll send you later in arabic if you don't mind.

Peter Kripgans 11 Jul 2005

Hisham, it is an excellent "stage" -it expresses what you wanted to say - it is profesionally said - professionally made - short that is art of the finest! but one has to swallow on!

marieanna missen 11 Jul 2005

Great work Hisham but very sad,your work seems to express a lot of torment in your life.I looked carefully at all your work and it seems to show a deep religious struggle?

Assaf Rodriguez 11 Jul 2005

GREAT work ! good compostion, very meaningful, expressive. Seems one of your best ! getting better........

Bernard Dumaine 10 Jul 2005

Really like the second (same ?) child behind the door, intriguing piece....

george martinez 10 Jul 2005

hi there, I think the illustration is very well created, but the meaning of symbolism is up to you, any body can have their own interpretation, as an artist you express yourself your feelings but only you are the one who really knows the meaning of the symbolism, as an illustrator you are good!

thea walstra 10 Jul 2005

Very good work Hisham

Katerina Koukiotis 10 Jul 2005

very powerful sad image at the same time beautifully done

LouAnn Knight 10 Jul 2005

So young, so educated, so well traveled, yet so dark, and unhappy it seems. Hope you can find more sunshine & happiness in your life & beautiful pictures

Terrell Smith-Dorfeo 10 Jul 2005

strong piece and interesting meaning behind it...great stuff!

Joke Schotting 10 Jul 2005

Powerful artwork Hisham!!!!!

Charles Oliver 10 Jul 2005

Interesting subject matter and well rendered

Nira Dabush 10 Jul 2005