I was born, Then I cried and in my tears I swam to an aim I did not know. I closed my eyes and I saw that I am lost in the desert of life. I screamed, and in my sadness drowned. Then I died, although I still take my breath

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tim linville 13 Oct 2005

Well expressed,Hisham!Or,you could look at it this way...I have never seen this many Ladies give a paragraph to one image EVER!

Devon Wilson 18 Jul 2005

wow what an intence thought, and i would have to agree with T.D.R that it is dark but see it fitting to your statement... Deep...good job

Clare Rowley 15 Jul 2005

I love the hidden messages within this image. the dark colors and metallic appearance add to the emotion you have depicted so well. Great Work...

stephanie atlee 15 Jul 2005

Another very powerful and moving creation...the words are so sad and full of longing. Lot os symbolism that makes one take a deeper look at your

georgia brown 14 Jul 2005

Very interesting image and words!!! My interpretation of this piece: I feel that this piece is about growing up. As a child we look at the world with innocence and everything is new and wonderful.As we get older we lose that childlike wonder as the heartaches and trials in life take there toll on our innocence.