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Orion Dream

Oil on Canvas. Abstract.


Anonymous Guest

Kathryn McEwen 27 Oct 2013 peaceful!

Michael Easter 19 Dec 2007

what an exceptional painting.

Joseph Richardson 17 Jul 2007

This is really out there,but I love it!!! " Beautiful "

David Holcombe 03 Apr 2006

This immediately evoked "A Midsummer's Night Dream." It has that ethereal quality to it. Sleeping like a baby becomes something tangible.

John Graham Inkson 13 Nov 2005

Very unusual and interesting. John

Sergio Saurio 25 Aug 2005

Hi Nancy: I love this painting. So quiet, dreamy and angelical. You are awesome. Cheers, Sergio.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 22 Aug 2005

Love this! Very poignant! Lovely!

Jo Nell 09 Aug 2005

What a lovely dream! Só very hot!!

Stephen Hughes 04 Aug 2005

Wow! What a charming image, and nice bold style. Excellent!

danielle bouchard 01 Aug 2005

very creative, nice job on the facial features! thanks for your comments on my work as well!

Renata Cavanaugh 30 Jul 2005

Interesting. Beautifully done!

jessica torrant 27 Jul 2005

tHIS piece is an example of the all too true "art is different for every observer". With a personal connection to the word "Orion" I approached your painting with my own emotions - your piece unlocked new or previously undiscovered ones - isn't art incredible that way?...

jenn shone 23 Jul 2005


Crystal Basta 19 Jul 2005

very nicely painted Nancy

Maggi Carstairs 17 Jul 2005

Fantastic image...This is so beautiful..well done

K L Marsala 14 Jul 2005

Orion dream is quite comforting. Great composition.

marc doutherd 14 Jul 2005

Its an honor to view such beautiful work! Its a joy to behold! Just wonderful.

hance clay 12 Jul 2005

nice color and use of neg space

Manuela Facchin Varalda 12 Jul 2005

...Made of the same substance of dreams!

Aris Stathakis 11 Jul 2005

wonderful abstract, great work!

Emily Reed 10 Jul 2005

I think it is a sweet dream, at least it is a sweet image!

heliopo Heliopo 10 Jul 2005

I like it ! so softly dreamy open flowing ....

Sara Deutsch 10 Jul 2005

Lovely image...subtle colors glow against the background.

Nira Dabush 07 Jul 2005

Intersting ,dreamy image...lovely work! UNIQUE!!!

Anonymous Guest 07 Jul 2005

very angelic and mystical...nicely done.

Joselito Jandayan 07 Jul 2005

This is great piece of art.

Tracey Loftis 07 Jul 2005

A wonderful and creative piece. Great job Nancy.

Loredana 07 Jul 2005

sweet image different

Peter Leahy 07 Jul 2005

great image Nancy!!!

thea walstra 07 Jul 2005

Very lovely work Nancy

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 07 Jul 2005

Original composition, I like it.

Swayam Prakash Shrestha 07 Jul 2005

Hi nancy Beautiful oil painting, nice work.......

Charles Oliver 07 Jul 2005

Beautiful brush work and composition