This is a redo of Marco in a full body pose.


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Padmavathy Ragavendran 15 Jan 2016

V beautiful, love this birds

Artist Reply: Thank you for your kind words. This was a commission of a beloved pet who lived in a pet store. His name is Marco.

Laura Smith 11 Jul 2005

Nice pencil work. I like the rough texture in the paper for this one. Great composition and shading.

Crystal Basta 02 Jul 2005

aaaaaw he is soooo cute :o)) Any chance you could share some photos of Marco??!!

Pat Abbott 01 Jul 2005

Beautiful pencil work with wonderful textures.

PMyers 01 Jul 2005

Wonderful pencil work. I love these birds.

Aris Stathakis 01 Jul 2005

beautiful work, gorgeous bird!

Alejandro Lopez 01 Jul 2005

tight i had ten parrots myself..they used to be very loud...great work