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Telephone Poles

Telephone Poles


Anonymous Guest

Sigridur Bachmann 29 Jul 2009

Wow ! Very mystic work and creative ! Simple and elegant !

Piero Lucia 28 Aug 2008

This is graphic art! Very nice:)

edwin ijpeij 23 Aug 2008

This is great ART

Ai Shan 11 Jul 2008

I really love this work, like chinese calligraphy

judit dora 04 Jul 2008


bianca thomas 16 Jan 2006

Brilliant idea and creations...

Elton Houck 05 Dec 2005

I like it. Its almost like a mystic line flating in the black unknow reaches of the cosmos.

Maggi Carstairs 14 Sep 2005

Elegant and awesome work...This is perfect

Renata Cavanaugh 20 Aug 2005

Great design

anirban bora 06 Aug 2005


Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 02 Aug 2005

This is spectacular! Love the use of space contrasted with the upward sweep of the poles. Brilliant!

William Boyer 19 Jul 2005

great job, keep up the good work.

Lawrence Hickman 07 Jul 2005

intresting and inspiring

Greg Vilton 01 Jul 2005

Fascinating to see how strokes can sometimes be very expressive! Very original!

eileen martin 01 Jul 2005

looks like wild bold paint strokes, well done:)

Emily Reed 30 Jun 2005

Prettiest telephone pole I've ever seen, LOL

Charlotte Ottilo 30 Jun 2005

Very cool!!

Jan Christensen 30 Jun 2005

This is very cool!

Alberto D'Assumpção 30 Jun 2005

wonderful! Simple shapes but so expressive!

Reba McDonald 30 Jun 2005

Great simplicity here.

Joke Schotting 30 Jun 2005

Very nice Karen

stephanie atlee 30 Jun 2005

Very neat image.

Ruthee Easton 30 Jun 2005

giggles, yes, this looks like it could be telephone poles. :)