Model Rebekka Watson models with emotion for this jilted at the alter look for romance series


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Jay Amatangelo 13 Aug 2006

I like how the marble contrasts the gown. Very nice work

Rina Gholson 08 Jan 2006

this is really cool.it's a bit dark though, or it might be my screen. You know how to take good pictures. a job well done

MIke Calderon 16 Dec 2005

Great subject! Love your work!

Kendra kuss 25 Oct 2005

Good capture

Lawrence Hickman 10 Jul 2005

wonderfully done....never a disappointing picture from you

Vivian Allen 22 Jun 2005

She has the look of, what's just happened? Am I dreaming? Great background, too!

Emily Reed 18 Jun 2005

Very nice effect. So graceful.

Cassidy Melvin 16 Jun 2005

Beautiful girl and beautiful photo.

Yuri Lev 16 Jun 2005

It looks like this bride doesn't want to go to the alter :-) .

Michael J. Priewe 16 Jun 2005

Dawn, As incredibly as well caputred as this is (in her broken moment) I have a world of Empathy of interest for it. The marble stair added a great feel of Majestic unseen surrounding area of the church where she just managed to make it to a slightly more private area before she collapses. Yet she looks up to one who finds her in her state (that look) I feel it. Whoa!!! Great job!!!

Peter Kripgans 16 Jun 2005

outstanding work, Dawn!

Christine brand 15 Jun 2005

Well done with emotion n great feeling , the marble stairs n shadowed look adds allot to this. Like the different view of this shot! Although I don't see how it could happen to one as lovely as she. CB

Les Jobes 15 Jun 2005

Very well portrayed.. she looks sad, and angry all at the same time.. well done!! Beautiful gown...

georgia brown 15 Jun 2005

Gorgeous shot Dawn!

thea walstra 15 Jun 2005

Very lovely Dawn.

Jerie kunitsky 15 Jun 2005

Lovely...so unusual