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The Sounds of Memories

I made this work in memory of Dov Ronen...the conductor of the "Ramat - Gan youth band" ,in which I took part for 8 years,as a teenager,playing the Clarinet. One of the best, enrich experiences of my adolescence. We had concerts in Israel...and also abroad,in Germany,Switzerland...and few states in U.S.A. More states in Europe,not in my time though...This man was responsible to the musical education of hundreds of teenagers each year,during 40 years working as a conductor and director. He was really a GREAT person. For this digital collage,I use few photos taken in Agfa Pocket,probably;The top of the upper work,is a photo of part of our band in a concert in the bottom of this work is few clarinet's players in a concert in the "Yale school of Music".Dov is the conductor inside my Clarinet's box....also one of my Silk designs of notes.Today,I will be at his funeral.Farewell Dov...May he rest in peace. The bottom photo,is our band's members in Bonn Germany,1980...a group of 70 players. Copyright (c)Nira Dabush


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Elton Houck 12 Dec 2005

This is a wonderful tribute photo collage. It is full of life!

Eva Britt 16 Jun 2005

Nira ..this is a wonderful tribute. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

stephanie atlee 15 Jun 2005

An awesome tribute to a life well lived.

Dawn Bigford 15 Jun 2005

How thoughtful and kind and what a beautiful way to keep the memories and honour him... Beautiful work

Pat Abbott 15 Jun 2005

A beautiful collage of memories. Nice work, Nira.

Loredana 15 Jun 2005

Nira your so creative these are wonderful Memories and you have done an excellent composition a very beautiful presentation :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 15 Jun 2005

Nira, This work is beautiful and touching the heart. Orna

Artist Reply: Orna,thank you so much.

joan warburton 15 Jun 2005

Wonderful digital work and tribute! Great job, Nira!

Alberto D'Assumpção 15 Jun 2005

wonderful composition, Nira!!!

geoff cooper 15 Jun 2005

wonderful work Nira, are you in it?

Artist Reply: Geoff...of course I am in this work,I made it its part of me...You can see me in the upper work twice...on top,the girl with glasses long hair,near to the young bearded man in Blue,he was German...we played there with a Greman band.Then...down this same upper work ,On left this is also me (18 years old)....then...the third me in the bottom photo,left bottom side,the third sitting girl,(16 years old)long hair,Turquoise clothes,white shoes.

thea walstra 15 Jun 2005

Wonderful tribute and very beautiful work.

Les Jobes 15 Jun 2005

He sounds like he was quite a man.. sharing his gift with the youth of the world, what a wonderful way to have spent his life... Beautiful tribute Nira.. lovingly made.. I see you in the photos also - and the silk design is fitting and lovely, I am sure he would enjoy it too... Farewell Dov Ronen

stan jones 15 Jun 2005

very nice tribute Nira one very special piece you have created