adam & eve - Locking I

adam : 4.5 x 3.7 x 1.4in 180g
eve : 4.9 x 2.9 x 1.8in 185g

These two effigies were commissioned last 2001 by a client from Hawaii to be used as the couples charms & a fertility doll.

The required features were very simple. The woman should have bigger bosom and the man should have large phallus that both can be tied together using using bronze and silver wire believe to bring good luck, harmony and bronze ward off bad spirits.

For some its something not to believe especially in modern days but the practices of phallus & bosoms in form of effigies exist in ancient history all over the world.

I have come up an idea to design two effigies I called adam and eve made of solid bronze. Each can be separated or lock them together in 11 positions using their legs and arms.

My first design for these series came out very exotic but almost lost the simplicity of art and the essence of spirit of each figure became explicit and flat. I seek for the originality of my piece bearing the pure or innocent outlook for the final figure. The moldings of each sculpture take me back to the native life resembling the past history that also reflects my archeological interest.

There are 9 pairs available from the first batch of 100 pieces. For $200.00 only FREE shipping. Will ship world wide come with Certificate of authenticity. Ownership of each piece will be registered online.

Original bronze sculpture of alfechelena


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Peter Kripgans 22 Jul 2005

Breathtaking -Helen - I am speechless -outstanding talent you are showing!

Leah Jaarveth 09 Jul 2005

O wow what a beautiful sculpture :)

georgia brown 15 Jun 2005

Great sculpture work!

Brian Sherwin 15 Jun 2005

This piece gives me a sense of decay... I enjoy it.

bryan dc 15 Jun 2005

i saw this and i like it...En is really a good artist