The Birth of Death

When we are born, our death is born with us!


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Jul 2007

Very interesting images, full of symbolism, both personal and collective, tied between hope and death, not yet born but the coffin is waiting, hopelessly twisted in the womb! In the middle of life, but no choices are allowed! Not far from land, but enchained, half-drowned and can never sleep! No sleep, no dreams! No dreams, no life! Very impressive! Dr. Edward Badeen, Basel, Switzerland

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Jul 2007

Very interesting images, voll of symolism, both personal and collective, between hope and death, born dead or dying alive. In life one is being held among several not allowed choiced! Very impressive! Dr. Edward Badeen

Christine brand 04 Nov 2005

What a way to percieve things...very insightful and profound are a intense man Hisham! I love your sensitivity!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Sep 2005

The womb to tomb cycle is a great idea. It is part of our very existence.

Emily Reed 18 Jun 2005

Oh my, striking.

Jo Glasscock 08 Jun 2005

wow this is very cool the title

Magda Elsehrawi 04 Jun 2005

Very haunting.... excellent title and comment to suit the piece too. Some one told me that art is successful if it is 'affective', either positively or negatively. I think this one is affective in terms of both. I think there is also a striking reality in this abstracted digital piece. Very very good work indeed.

Maria Tornbak 03 Jun 2005

Brilliant digital piece!!!!!