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Self Portrait in Red

Available Original Art

Self portrait done with red pencil. Image not for purchase. This is shown as an exercise in non-dominant hand training. The point of the exercise is to draw yourself as quickly as you can with the hand you generally don't use. I feel this helps improve the way the artist communicates with the line, and it's also handy to be able to switch hands. An interesting side effect is that many arists often create a more honest image of their emotional state -- it's as if it teaches you to see inside yourself. Don't think -- just draw as fast as you can. And don't use the same old pencil -- change everything. When I drew this I was surprised at how tense it seems, but there were issues under the surface bothering me. Art exercise or therapy? Both? :)Give it a try!

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1 Comment

Anonymous Guest

Richard Delay Sirs 30 May 2005

Elegant and simple - yet very impressive