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Ivan hails a taxi as Lil tries to get away. She knows that they are on their way to the vet for her checkup. I painted this on a 16"x20" canvas. It has been blended in photo studio. Image is not to be misappropriated in any way. Copyright © V O ALLEN

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Joke Schotting 11 Aug 2005

Sooooo great!!!!!!!

Kukua Akumanyi 30 May 2005

anyone would think that they were taking Lil to the Dentist.....it will de fine Lil!

Jessica Hobdell 27 May 2005

gre4at I love it.

Loredana 27 May 2005

Its ok Lil The Vets a Cool Dude mann :)

Katerina Koukiotis 27 May 2005

I can relate to Lil,that is what i do to when i have a doctors appoitment...lol You are Creative and fun as always Vivian :)