Mousetrap, The Painting

I've had this one in my head for months and finally got it out today: 2 witches and 3 cats play a little game of mousetrap on Halloween night. One witch has the tub, while the other plays the diving man. A black cat gets the boot with fork and knife in hand, and a little grey cat turns the crank. What's for dinner tonight? A giant RAT!!! (See animals category in my portfolio for Hungry Hungry Hippos, The Pianting.)

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Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 30 Aug 2005

It really doesn't do to be a mouse out on the town at Halloween!!! I love all the detail! Some of those pussy cats look seriously weird!!!!!! Brilliant painting!

Sarina Renee 23 Jul 2005

LoL. someone else who remembers this game. Love your version. outstanding! I love it!

Alejandro Lopez 27 Jun 2005

haha..very funny as always!

Renee Nemerov 23 May 2005

Interesting work

thea walstra 22 May 2005

Cute and very good work